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What I am about to share with you is what I consider to be a well kept secret in the beauty industry. I discovered it when I was venting to my hair dresser about my upcoming trip to India. It’s not that no one has ever dyed blonde hair in India – I just didn’t want to take the risk or spend the big bucks to find the right stylist. Plus, we were busy doing other things – oh like starting a cupcake shop.

So my stylist let me in on a little secret that of a few of her clients were already using in between blonding; base breaker. Base breaker is a great product to use because it lightens your roots and blends with existing highlights nicely (and imagine all the money you will save only having to color your hair half as often).

Now before I proceed let me note that I am not a professional hairstylist so if you want to attempt this diy hair treatment you must be prepared to accept full responsibility for the outcome. I’m sharing this because it has worked for me and it saves me a ton of time and money. My recommendation is to find a stylist who already uses base breaker in their line up and have them do a treatment for you. Then after you have a documented success, try doing it yourself at home.

So my final disclaimer is that for you will only be able to lift your roots/virgin hair one full shade lighter – so if you have naturally dark hair see my suggestion above about hitting up your stylist first. Also – this will not turn out white blonde but will likely have more of a reddish hue in it.

My roots - as you can see they are about one shade darker than the rest of my hair

My roots – as you can see they are about one shade darker than the rest of my hair

So having said all that below is my DIY for touching up your roots at home for around $10 (That’s after you acquire a few key products for the project but they are reusable).


What You’ll Need

1. Conair Wide-Tooth Lift Comb$5.99 on Amazon

2. Hair Color Bowl $2.49 on Amazon

3. 3 Piece Rubber Color Applicator Set $3.95 on Amazon

4. Joico Vero K-PAK Base Breaker $9.72 on Amazon

5. Salon Care 20 Volume Creme Developer 32 oz.$5.29 on Amazon


Now on to application
1. Brush out your hair, removing any knots

2. Protective measures aka gloves, a towel to cover your shirt &/or floor. You can also apply conditioner to the hair you are not coloring if you are worried about getting base breaker on it

3. Use your comb to divide your hair into four sections – for a great explanation of this check out the blog The Beauty Department

4.  Apply Vaseline to any areas around your face/neck that might be sensitive to the base breaker solution

5. Now you are at the mixing stage – base breaker is a 1:1 solution so pour out your base breaker into your bowl & then refill the bottle with developer & add that to your bowl & mix well (you can even use a whisk if to make sure it all gets incorporated)


6. Start applying color! Begin by applying color on your part at the top of your head.

7. Create 1/4″ sections by using your comb or the end of your color applicator brush. Make sure your color in covering all of your grow out and that you are evenly covering all strands in each section – then flip them over or clip them up & out of your way

8. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

9. Once you have covered all your roots set a timer for 10 minutes (shhh…. I leave it on for more like 30) & RELAX!
You could fold the giant pile of laundry on your bedroom floor

Giant Pile of Laundry

Giant Pile of Laundry

10. When the timer goes off hit the shower! I shampoo twice to make sure all the base breaker is out & then condition as normal.

11. Enjoy your beautiful new root-less blonde tresses (& enjoy knowing how much money you are going to save doing this in between your salon visits) – See top picture *

For my friends with dark hair I have heard of this product being used to achieve cool browns – which are perfect for summer.


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  1. Mom says:

    Great thrifty tip for blondes!!! Oh and you are one gorgeous lady by the way! And your pile of laundry is actually pretty darn cute too :)

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