Lily Turns 2


Our little lady turned two last week and we had a mermaid themed birthday party to celebrate. I was inspired by one of my favorite blogs the tomkat studio to do this fun under the sea theme. I started with the easiest part – the invitations. I found this adorable design on etsy by the tea cookie for only $15.37060_10101363667157002_1630207728_n

I also loved the idea of finding an all in one party kit which I was able to find on Amazon from a super cute shop called Dress My Cupcake for only $35. It was the perfect addition to the party and I wasn’t stuck hunting around for all the pieces to make Lily’s party cute.

I also did a really fun “thank you” gift for all the kids. Instead of a goodie bag with candy and cheap trinkets I did a mermaid (and mermen) in a bottle for each kid. I found tiny jars and stones at our local Michaels and I found the tiny mermaids on Amazon.

Of course our treats came from Heaven Cupcake. We did mini vanilla cupcakes with teal Sugar Pearls.


Lily, all worn out from a great birthday

The end result was super happy kids enjoying sugar, swimming and eventually sleeping.

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