Three Little Letters


Outside of all the glamorous mommy blogs and instagram feeds of adorable, well-dressed kids and smiling babies, lies the real truth of motherhood (and boy is it an ugly one). Because what you see is not what you get when it comes to being a mom. Even now as I write this post I had to take a break to wipe up some mysterious sticky spots on my table that I kept getting stuck to.


Lily and her sweetness

This Mother’s Day, I wanted to share what may be obvious to some but hidden to others – being a mom is a lot of hard work and a photo can hardly ever capture all the work, sweat, tears, pee & poo (and sometimes blood if you are having a really bad day) that goes into being a good momma.

My beautiful Mom & me

My beautiful Mom & me

I wasn’t the girl who grew up dreaming of being a mom. Even though I myself grew up with an amazing mom, I just never saw myself as loving or kind enough to be one. I didn’t mind kids but I just didn’t know if I was good enough to be a mom.

Newly Weds


Four years ago I was hospitalized for severe anemia which had resulted in my hemoglobin levels dropping to something comparable to a gun shot victim. Doctors told my husband and I that we wouldn’t be able to have kids for awhile but God had something else in store for us.

Only a few days old and already she had captured my heart forever

Only a few days old and already she had captured my heart forever

On 4.11.2011 Lily Elizabeth Larsen entered our worlds. She was perfect in every single way. For once in my life my fears and anxiety about being a mom disappeared. Lily was my teacher and I her pupil. Overtime I became the mom I had hoped I would be; selfless, loving, patient and kind.

Making pizza and sharing some love

Making pizza and sharing some love

For all the things I am teaching Lily on a day to day basis, the truth of the matter is she has and continues to teach me far more. Her enthusiasm reminds me to still get excited over the little things in life – like getting a letter or package in the mail. Her curiosity reminds me to keep learning and growing as an individual. Her love and kindness towards all people she meets teaches me to look for the good in others.

Left to her own devices for 5 minutes, Lily decided to be a mascara striped Lion

Left to her own devices for 5 minutes, Lily decided to be a mascara stripped Lion

But with the good comes the bad. Now that Lily is three I deal with temper tantrums, listening issues, and just downright naughty behavior. There are days that I am exhausted and wish to escape to an island in the sun (and hopefully there would be a shower there). There are days that I wish bedtime would come sooner. There are days that perhaps we spend a little too much time watching tv so mom can get stuff done.

This little lady always makes me smile

This little lady always makes me smile

Luckily, the bad doesn’t outweigh the good. It doesn’t even come close. I am so grateful and honored to have her call me MOM. Three little letters, a whole ton of responsibility and a exciting world of possibilities.

Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Mom says:

    Wow ! Loved this post! You are an amazing MOM and so much better at it than you think you are! Miss Lily is one lucky girl to get you in her life!

    • flourandcoco says:

      Thanks Mom! It takes one to know one 😉 I’m so lucky to call you mom, you have always supported me in all that I do – even this blog. Love and miss you tons!!! Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Carol says:

    So true. We all get and give the good with the bad. It’s a survival! But the most entirely worthwhile job you could ever be blessed with. You had all the tools to be a good mom hidden inside all along, because your a good person. Happy Mothers Day ❤️

    • flourandcoco says:

      Awe thank you Carol! You brought tears to my eyes!!! It is the hardest job ever, but I was so blessed to have so many awesome moms in my life – yourself included :) Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  3. Rafia says:

    You are a good soul Cori and this post is its reflection!! Lily is indeed lucky to have you in her life. Stay blessed you both!! xx

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